With the Jaclyn Rose Group.

With the Jaclyn Rose Group.






Daniella Rabbani Sirkin & jimmy Lopez: This was one out of seven shows dates we did in NYC. I believe this was taken on the final night of the show. Great fun, and memories.



Kultúra Live @ Shapeshifter Lab!: This is my group Kultúra performing in Brooklyn. We had such a great night there!



This is Kultúra performing @ Somethin’ Jazz Cafe in NYC! This was the first show with new member Dave Mullen (Horn player). So excited to have Dave with us!


Thurstan Ray & Jimmy Lopez: This was a rehearsal we had at my place!



The World Sound Traveler crew, performing live at a music festival in Brooklyn.


Performing with the Dee Cassella jazz ensemble: I love working with Dee… She is so hip, and into it! Great voice, and great person! This was taken from a show we performed @ Somethin’ Jazz Cafe, NYC


Play’in the didgeridoo! Love the didgeridoo!


Playing the handsonic at a wedding! The crowed loved it!



Playing with the Dominican rock band “Boombox RepairKi

Drum Circle NYC












Jimmy with latin rock band BoomBox RepairKit opening up for the great legendary rock band “FISHBONE”